Intarsia or what I like to call Painting with Wood.
  • Natural colors and grains used to make a portrait.
  • Each piece is cut, shaped and sanded to add depth and detail.
  • Each item is ready to hang.  Sawtooth hangers are nailed or stapled into the back of every finished piece.
  • Woods used are clearly listed on the back of every item.

  • Various styles available including fretwork, 3D, segmentation, and intarsia ornaments.
  • Each come ready to hand with ribbon or twine
  • Both holiday and year around styles available
  • Plywood is most often used for fretwork ornaments, but solid natural colors are used when ever possible.

  • Living animals, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Zodiac and many other product lines.
  • All puzzles will stand up so they are for decor as much if not  more than play.
  • Perfect for someone who collects a certain theme for example frogs, the most likely will not have a puzzle of one.
  • Made from both stained /dyed woods and natural colors to allow the widest varity.

Home Decor
  • Trivets, candle stands, welcome signs OH MY!!!!
  • Varity of materials used including but not limited to Solid natural woods, acrylics, plywoods, and any other materials I can cut with my saw.
  • Wall art come ready to hang with saw tooth hangers attached.
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The Cut Above
The Ark.   First of this pattern ever made by anyone.  My first published piece.  Original design by Bruce Worthington