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History of The Cut Above Woodworking
   In 2007 I bought my first home.  Behind the house was a separate one  car garage.  About the same time, my dad retired from his 9-5 job and took up his hobby of clock repair.  Tho I had no previous woodworking experience,I decided I wanted to be able to help him with case work.  So I bought a very cheap scroll saw, some terrible blades, and a pattern book.  Three hours later I had my first item completed. 
       It was just a simple wolf head, but I was hooked.  Now I have a top of the line saw, use the some of the best blades, and have more patterns than I can count.  In the eight years since then I have vastly improved my skills and quality.  I do art and craft shows, demonstrations, and sell in several shops around Tennessee.  I have won best in show as well as 8 blue ribbons at the county fairs, and even placed 3rd in Intarsia at a showcase with people from all over North America.  I have been asked by numerous designers to test out their newest patterns.   And I have yet to help dad with a single clock case.
40 years old, been scolling for 8 years, and selling for almost as long.  Always looking for ways to improve my skills and quality using newer/better tools, and new techniques.

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Joe Adams
Owner/ Scroll Saw Artist
Wanda   --  Dec 2012
Most valuable employee.  Sounding board, assistant, extra car when needed, and she works for a steak dinner.  Tho she does not do any of the art work herself she often gives suggestions to the point of nagging about new ideas.
Linda Adams Clark
Da' momma, Logistics Manager
Wood comes in almost every color of the rainbow from bright yellow to deep purples.  Only blue is not found in nature.
Scroll saw art has been around for centuries.  Originally it was done with a hand held saw. 100 years ago it was done on a pedal driven machine much like a bike.
Scrolling is done is almost every country in the world and thanks to moden social media we can share tips, photos, and stories with each other.
I absolutely love the Intarsia Indian Maiden I purchased at the Erin Art Fair.
The picture to the left is a rather large pile of shavings from a day of planing some 100 year old poplar I got from a chicken coop. 
The Cut Above